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Our Objectives

Lifecare Charitable Trust, came into existence for the upliftment of the deprived and the destitute. Our areas of work will be:


Many people die because of their inability to meet the expenses of the costly treatment of their disease and government hospitals are incapable of providing free medical aid to each and every poor patient. Lifecare charity has come in a big way to provide free medical aid to the needy poor patients. We believe that "Service to suffering mankind is service to God". Since two members of the Lifecare Charity are specialist doctors, they are pleased to provide free medical services, including surgical operations, to the poor patients. Cost of medicines and other consumables is provided from trust funds.
Lifecare charity plans:


Real wealth of a country is its children. Nobody knows what is stored in any child's future."Kamal ke phool keecharh mei hi hotey hain" There are many brilliant children who cannot carry out their studies due to the financial strains of the family. Helping such students is the real service we can do in building up our country.
We have plans:

Relief to the Poor Girls

There is always a female behind the success of a male. Respect to females goes a long way in our culture and religion. Married life constitutes a major portion of our life. Helping the poor in getting their daughters married is the real service to the womanhood.
Lifecare charity aims :

Other Object of General Public Utilities

Our plans are
  • To establish, start and conduct asylum for destitute children. To provide them food, clothing, shelter and other necessary materials.
  • To inculcate importance of civic culture and moral values in society at large, to do and arrange cultural activities in society.
  • To rehabilitate the destitute, deserted women, widows, divorced women and to encourage them to earn their livelihoods and for the said purpose, help, assist them by way of cash or in kind.
  • To help and assist disabled, crippled, blind, children and persons and encourage and create in them the sense of self-sufficiency.
  • To help and assist victims of natural calamities, civil or social unrest etc.
  • To create amongst the citizens the spirit of Patriotism, National integrity, to protect human rights, to inculcate positive approach amongst citizens so as to maintain law and order, peace and tranquility in society.
  • To provide nutritious food to poor children and poor patients admitted in hospitals for treatment.
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